I’m Ioana, I’ve been studying Japanese for a while now, and I’m pretty bad at it. This is a place where I keep track of what I’ve been doing, study-wise. I moved to Japan and started keeping a blog about things.

My Japanese experience so far:

2008 – Signed up for a Japanese course, but I got stuck during the “learning kana” stage and dropped it.

2009-September 2011 – Started majoring in Japanese. It was a horrible experience. I was very slow.

September 2011- Present – Decided to ignore previous failures and start seriously studying Japanese. Good so far.

April 2014 – Present – moved to Japan. Shit just got real.

In JLPT levels, that’s roughly…

2010 – Passed the N5

2011 – Passed the N4

2012 – Passed the N2

2013 – Passed the N1

2014 – ??? Oh god I thought the learning process would end with the N1 but there is still so much I don’t know when will this end *panics*



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