2016 has come to an end

And what an underwhelming year this has been. Hey, if you’ve never set any resolutions to begin with, then technically you haven’t failed any, yeah?

Questions for 2017:

  • Will I still be here continuing a comfortable status quo in a country where I am surrounded by amazing people and decent opportunities, or will I be plunged back into the quagmire that is Eastern Europe? Find out via telegram on March 15th!
  • Will I ever finish writing my dissertation? No one cares because it’s shite anyway (But it’ll be submitted on time and pass anyway).
  • Will I ever start learning Japanese again? Probably not (But frankly I’ve come to terms with the fact that no one will ever really care, and I’m cool with that).
  • Will I manage to confess to the cute girl in my lab before graduation?
  • With most of my labmates graduating this April, what will become of the tight-knit group of giggles, skinship, and nihilistic indulgence that has defined my grad school experience?
  • Will I finally cough up the dough and rent a ridiculously overpriced hakama for my graduation party?

My 2017 resolution is to be a bit less meh about everything. 2016 wasn’t even a bad year, it just had the misfortune of following up an amazing 2015 and simply fades in comparison. I did face some fears (lots of talking in front of large groups, bilingually even), have some fun, pet some cats, read some books, what not. I’m sure it was a hell of a great year compared to 2008-2012. I’m just not feeling it for some reason.