1 year update

Oh my god, have I really been here for a year (and a week)? Time flies.


So I managed to pass the admission exam somehow, and I’m starting my MA this week. *hyperventilate*. I got this. I’m taking way too many classes, all grad school level and in Japanese, and this time I’ll actually have to pass them. This will be interesting.


Finally managed to get a bit of travelling, see the sights, what not. It was pretty cool. I’ve grown weary of travelling over the years, but this round was quite refreshing, even though it was esentially me walking around a lot and spending way too much time reading in trains. Seriously, I’m in the land of Shinkansens and here I am spending 11 hours on a train to Hiroshima.


I’m still confused about my Japanese. Sometimes I’m all confident and awesome. Sometimes I get flustered and my level goes down the drain. Sometimes I read novels without having to look at the dictionary. Sometimes I avoid one-paper pamphelts because I can’t bring myself to read them. All in all, I got this, but I think I could use some more confidence.


I had made a resolution to become fluent in Spanish and conversational in Portuguese by August (when I’m taking a 2-month trip to avoid the Japanese summer), but that does not seem to be happening. 3 months into my resolution and I’ve not spent a single moment studying. My other resolution is to start learning Chinese in October for my Taiwan trip next February, and combined with my Chinese colleagues getting bored in class sometimes that means that I’m learning basic phrases rather quickly. Unexpected.


I also got to be a miko at the Penis festival. This was interesting. It’s my job for the next 5 years ^_^.


A lot of people have come and gone, and though I appreciated their presence in my life, I’m still pretty overwhelmed by this social life thing.


I still can’t believe these were all my posessions when i came to Japan. I have an apartment full of stuff now, like an adult and shit.




All in all, it’s been a pretty good year. Let’s hope that this one will have less anxiety. For now, I’m still going from idea to idea and from place to place, metaphysically speaking. It’s been a year full of revelations and rethinking and thinking about things that I’d never knew existed before. A lot of anxiety, a lot of frustation, but ultimately quite rewarding.


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