2013 resolutions result

Was to depressed to Forgot to do this for the new years 😀

So last year’s resolutions were

  • Finish Kanzen Master N2+N1. Haha. No. Did the sentence decks on anki though.
  • Graduate! DONE!
  • Make sentences for every item in renshuu’s library. Nope.
  • Reach 15k words in CorePlus. Changed decks. Think i reached that point though.
  • Finish the Tanuki sentences deck. Not even close.
  • Finish my sentence deck(9000 sentences to go!). Changed decks. No.
  • Read all Dictionaries of Grammar cover to cover (sentences already included in the sentence deck). Nope.
  • Read at least 5 novels in Japanese. Done!
  • Manage to understand at least one full anime episode without subs. Done!
  • Manage to understand a full movie without subs. Haven’t even watched a movie. 
  • Practice, practice, practice! January-August was great. September-December, not so much.
  • Spend at least 50 hours studying per month.January-August was great. September-December, not so much.
  • Practice keigo and business Japanese. Done! I have amazing keigo. 
  • Aim for the N1! Done!

My resolution for 2014 is to simply get out of the slump and be awesome again =).


5 thoughts on “2013 resolutions result

  1. Hey, how’s it going? Could I ask you for any advice or recommendations on how to help the keigo stick? I’ve been drilling with flashcards but am still struggling ><

    • Hey. I actually haven’t done any keigo-related drilling. I read a really good textbook on it which made most things stick and check it again whenever I need it (like when writing emails).
      Unfortunately, the book can’t be found online, but it isn’t very expensive. It’s called “場面別敬語の正しい使い方 恥をかかない!すぐに身につく! 基本ルールから感じのいい「言葉づかい・話し方」まで / 恥をかかない!すぐに身につく!” by 尾形圭子 ( bought it off http://www.yesasia.com/global/1004123123-0-0-0-en/info.html )

  2. I’m curious about something different. What did you change decks to?

    (I’ve finished Core6K since last asking for your advice on here, by the way, and am halfway through a deck I made using all the sentences from the N2 an N1 Shin Kanzen Master books.)

    • I changed decks to the JPPI one on the anki database rather than the coreplus one. Same thing, really, but the coreplus deck gets really annoying past the 6k phase due to duplicates.
      Other than that… I have the DoJG combined deck, the n1 vocab deck (everything is long matured), a jinmeiyou deck, a geography deck, an onomatopoeia deck, a mined words deck and the Tanuki sentence deck. The DoJG, Tanuki and JPPI decks are the important ones, the mined deck is by far the hardest one (encountering words in native materials does nothing for me…), and with the other I add like 1-5 items a day.
      Well, I would, were I to open anki. But you get my point:P

      I also have the N1 Kanji deck, Donna Toki 500 vocab deck and RTK deck on ankidroid.

      • Thanks for the response. My mined deck is much easier for me than my Core and Kanzen Master decks, but that’s probably because I decided to focus on just one term and its definition rather than a sentence. In any case, thanks for clearing that up!

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