MEXT update

Got a Letter of Acceptance from Nagoya University. Woo! (Still waiting on a response from Osaka, which seems to have gone AWOL)


Got LoAs from both Nagoya and Osaka Universities today. Now to wait for 6 months before getting the final answer >.<


On the ease of becoming a lazy bum

So the past few months have been busy. Lots of work for school, writing my thesis, going through the 9th layer of bureaucratic hell with my sudden decision to apply for the MEXT scholarship(which has been going surprisingly well so far, much to my surprise), making preparations to move back to my hometown, spending a few weeks away from home, local grad school application and what not. Needless to say, my study time has gone down. And how.

It was a soft decrease at first. Nothing too bad. Took that 2 week break but I still had a decent amount of study done that month. Then the next month had as many hours, but without the break. Then the next. These past few weeks I’ve done almost nothing (a bit of light reading, the occasional japonin lesson + work for the application). And here I am, back home, and it’s not the outrageous number of leftover reviews that scares me so much (bless Anki 2’s review/day limit and’s ability to freeze your studies) so much as my lack of attention span. I’m tired after less than 10 minutes of SRSing. If I have the heart to click on the Anki icon in the first place. that is. This is not a good development. The N1 is scary enough, I can’t afford to not study my brains out.

It’s funny how you struggle to build studying into your daily schedule and the smallest obstacle makes you have to start all over again.

I also got some neat keigo textbooks recommended by my online teacher. Have yet to go past the first page.