Tadoku Wrap-up

It’s been a good month.

Thus ends my first Tadoku. Initial goal: somewhere in the top 20 maybe, with the very optimistic goal of 500 pages. I got competitive somewhere around the 600 page mark, and thanks to some other competitive tadokuers I kept reading more and more to surpass them (not sure in which timezone they’re in, so they may still beat me, but I got to 5th place for a while at least =) ). Officially 5th place. Woo!

Started reading manga (something I’ve been meaning to do for ages but never got around to), and now I’m at volume 16 of 宇宙兄弟。I love the anime so I’m not that surprised to find that the manga is this much fun. However, It’s really weird to see the discrepancies between formats: while I like the fact that the manga pushes the story, I enjoy the random gags the anime puts in; the anime pace is really weird, reeeaaallly pushing certain chapters and cutting other sections short. While I normally don’t like reading the manga and watching the anime at the same time, the differences really make following both enjoyable.

Finished 斜陽 and 羅生門 and am currently reading IQ84 (which is quite gargantuan). At one point I started reading 雁 but it was a bit too archaic for me. I’ll try again, but after I’ve read a translation; this isn’t the kind of book I can tackle without knowing the context first. IQ84 is, as expected, much friendlier despite the size.

I’ve been reading NHK news, and I really feel my news-reading abilities improving. I still get caught with various terms, especially political and 5+kanji compounds, but I’m getting there.

I’ve started playing Chaos;Head, but didn’t play as much as I’d have liked due to being distracted by 宇宙兄弟。Also, keeping track of the screens for Tadoku was really annoying and time-consuming, so I’m keeping games for non-Tadoku purposes.

My reading speed has improved considerably. Not by a large amount, but the flow is definitely easier to grab on to.

I also finally got the motivation to check out more songs. I have yet to find anything better than 拓郎吉田 but it’s always nice to remember that despite the culture they come from, folk songs are always the same <3.

Also, I’m currently at poem 50 from 百人一首. Since playing かるた is a more immediate goal (also it really takes a long time to remember the entire poems and explanations) I’ve mainly focused on かるた parts, and have only studied about 10 full poems. もろともに continues to be my favorite. I’ve also started reading about the authors themselves, and the 平安時代 in general  (which is depressing, by the way).

Now, I really should start reading those 30+ novels for school and start writing my thesis…I was so focused on Tadoku I only got about 3 novels in these past 2 weeks.


One more day of Tadoku

I started out aiming for top 20. Been fighting a close battle for top 10. It’s 2 am already, and here I am noticing that #5 is just a few hours of reading ahead.

I think I may be obsessed. Or ridiculously competitive about stuff that doesn’t really matter.


So I was never really one for online challenges. Somehow they never piqued my interest much. But given my constant lack of motivation when it came to exposure (subbed anime notwithstanding) I signed up for both the NHK challenge and Tadoku, and I must say, the progress is amazing. I guess I really am that easy to motivate (especially when it’s an excuse to not study for my thesis ^^’). Currently pushing to get into the top 10, so I hope the motivation’ll last till the end of the month.

For comparison (ignore pitiful lack of exposure and Paint skills):