Resolutions result

Might as well do this.


  • JLPT N2! Done.
  • RTK 1 (maybe RTK2?). Uber fail. Dropped somewhere half-way. After heisig stopped giving me nice comments I just flopped when it came to making (and remembering) my stories. Not sure if I want to go through it again since though it helped me figure out how to write Kanjis and gave me a good starting point I felt it be kind of underwhelming at my level.
  • core 6000k by May. Hopefully Iknow comes to its senses and makes core 10k, in which case core 10k by December. Done. No core 10k on iKnow’s part though (boo!).
  • Finally learn how to use Anki. Core 10k! Done. Not really core 10k but pretty close. Different decks, but I got around the vocab mark I was hoping for and beyond. Focusing on sentences these days. Going well!
  • Sou-matome N3 by summer. Haha. Fail. Did all the sentences in my anki deck though.
  • Sou-matome N2, and not “finish it in the train on my way to JLPT”. Haha. Fail. But no big. I still did the N2 sentences in my anki deck though, so maybe done?
  • Get to read(and understand) a novel in Japanese without parallel translation and without me knowing the book beforehand. Sort of done. Watched the anime before reading Kino no Tabi, but pretty win. Wish I would’ve had the time and money to get more of these done, but still. OK.
  • Get to watch(and understand) a movie in Japanese without subtitles. Does RoboGeisha count?
  • please no more month-long-breaks from studying. Done :D. The true win of this  year.

All in all, a pretty good year. And, as a bonus:

kb1 kb2 kb3 kb4 kb5

Note: Due to some issues with the Kanjibox system vocab&reading terms can only turn light green when encountered in the highly randomized quiz section. For some reason the remaining 5% terms also rarely if never pop-up in the drill section. I kind of hate the reading section now since at higher levels there are often 2 or more correct answers given and it randomly detects only one as *correct*.renshuu1

This one represents the sentences I made for various grammar points. I love renshuu <3.

anki graph stats. I think the data got a bit corrupted when switching to anki 2, though. It also only counts decks that I had when switching to anki 2.0, so no core 2k decks and other finished decks which I deleted and/or melded into one big review deck. Aside from this there’s several hours of pure sentence/grammar reviews on ankidroid. Current decks include the CorePlus deck, a sentence deck with sentences gathered from the Grammar dictionaries + all about particles+ other pre-made sources, some sub2srs decks, JLPT1 vocab deck, textbooks from school pre-made decks, and a few other minor decks (人名用、四字熟語、Tanuki, RTK). I think I should start mining vocab&sentences, but they are sooo annoying and slow to make.

+core 6k finished on iKnow and various other sources which don’t have handy graphs. My study plan is kind of failed due to me having really high expectations, but I think it’s pretty ok (about 70-90 hours of study, including 30 hours of exposure, per month). Need more work on textbooks.


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