Still alive

…and learning.

Things have gone a bit weird now that I got a full-time. On the one side, I am getting some private time at work, but on the other things just keep piling up and getting in the way. I managed to break my phone and the new one has audio issues, so goodbye morning podcasts (I’m digging Japanesepod101’s Intermediate series). No headphones at work thanks to them numbering the places wrong, so no audio practice whatsoever. Not good combined with the fact that Listening is my greatest weakness and I should really focus more on it.

Reviews are weird. Some days I feel like I’m top of the world. The next day I’m failing half the cards, even mature ones at times. Nothing new here.

I started using and it is lovely. I have no idea why more people don’t use this site. Signed up for pro and it’s worth every penny. Wish I had more time for it, but I’m getting better at time management these days. I should make a post about renshuu one of these days; the site really doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Since I keep having random 5-10 minute breaks at work I’ve been getting more serious about Kanjibox. Managed to get almost everything up to N2 level dark green. Unfortunately due to some weird bug they won’t get light green unless I get them right in a quiz, but I’m sure my obsessive need for everything to be completed will get me there. One day. Maybe.

My new phone is on Android, so I get to have Ankidroid. Very useful little fella. I don’t want to kill my phonebill by syncing it on a regular basis, so I just added a few decks that I don’t use on the PC version. Kanjibox also works surprisingly well on it.

Also, in order to manage my time better I started keeping a study schedule. Here it is :). I’m very happy to have reached most of my targets this month. The Kanji textbook fail was expected. Lang8…I so should spend more time there, no idea why I don’t (probably because I’m so boring I never know what to write about). Podcast fail due to phone issues; I hope I’ll get that fixed.