Getting back on my feet

So I took a month-long break thanks to exam season, this after a month of rather irregular studies (thanks to the holidays+upcoming exam season). Getting back on my feet these days, trying to get back to my regular pace and adapting to the new material. I actually made a pretty big leap in difficulty with most of my decks these days, and it’s a bit hard to adjust, but I’m getting there.

My Iknow account expires this month, and I’m following a heavy pace to finish all its content by then. Not extremely hard, given how I don’t have much left of it (only about 100 new items and a few hundred to review), but a bit harder since I’m out of shape.Technically I already finished core 6k in anki, but a bit more on that below. So far I caught up, sorta, now to maintain and advance quickly.

As for anki… my sentence deck is going crazy, and it took me a few good days to get up to date with a few good hundred sentences, though many of them were mature and going on the 1year interval. However, I’m well into the intermediate part of it and that’s easily noticeable given my lack of speed and often make mistakes. It doesn’t help that I’m out of shape enough to miss out on some basic things (how can I forget them so easily, anyway?). Didn’t fail too many mature cards, but the fact that I failed a few in the first place is a bit discouraging. The corePLUS deck went crazy after the core6k part, and it doesn’t help that I somehow messed up the card layout and the new cards lack audio. Muuuch harder to grasp than core6k words for some reason. Again, lack of shape shows when I sometimes forget kanji readings or even mistake some kanjis for other things. Depressing, really.

My writing has once again gone down the drain. Fascinating how that happens so often.Reading comprehension hasn’t gotten considerably lower, but my reading speed has, and I tire way easier. Listening is kind of at the same rate, but it was never a high level to begin with so that’s not saying much.

Got a bunch of manuals and books to work with once I settle on a good pace. Time to study for realsies, since it’s only 140 days till the N2.

Note on anki versus Iknow. Lots of the words that I only did in anki I instantly forgot, had trouble remembering or confused me, Hell, some of them looked so foreign that I forgot I ever did them in the first place. Very few words on iKnow did, however. It really hammers stuff in properly, ya know? I really wish they’d done core10k. It’s a pain to learn new words without it. =(.

On an unrelated note, I passed the Kanji&translation exams in school, but failed the vocab one (well technically the completely unrelated popquiz that I needed in order to get into the vocab exam, which mainly involved memorizing points the teacher made in class and her liking you), which I find hilarious and equally depressing. Got a speech on how if I’d pay more attention to what she says and spent less time studying on my own I’d be able to pass. I really hate my school.


That’s about it. Now, back to studying.


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