Looking back

Whenever I get burned out or am having a bad case of the “what is all this I’m never going to learn all these new words” I go to Kanjibox and set it to N5, N4 and(more recently) N3. I think I need a reminder that though the journey is long, I’ve already went far more than I’d expected. And it hit me today that I’m cutting through most of my decks and only staggering at the N2/N1 level things.

It’s pretty weird. I haven’t really noticed my becoming better at it. In my head I’m still messing up reviews and not making much sense, but sometimes I like to let figures and stats win over my own self-doubt.

A few years ago I stuck a first grade level kanji poster on my kitchen wall and started working on it, and after I was done with it I moved on to second grade, which I never got to finish. After a seemingly neverending hiatus I started again, only 6 months ago. I was done with it withing a month, and I’m close to circling every one on my 6th grade list now.

6 months ago I had not even finished core 2000, and by the end of the month I’m starting core 6000. I couldn’t even understand N5 listening samples made for beginners and now I can sort of get shows in Japanese without subtitles. I couldn’t even write 飲 without staggering and now I’m practicing ę‡². It is pretty amazing, for me at least.

It’s been a good half-year. Cheers!



4 thoughts on “Looking back

  1. Congrats!!! Sometimes we feel like we’re not improving at all but we actually are! šŸ™‚
    just be careful to focus also on the “production” of the language…I mean for example lot of people are going through wordlists, but then they cannot use those very same words when it comes to speaking/writing šŸ™‚

    • Thanks!
      I know, my production is definitely way lower than my comprehension, which is way lower than my vocab recognition (individual word SRS effect). I’ve started reading my sentence deck out lout lately and it’s helped me improve immensely though, sans shadowing. I’m still bumbling when speaking/writing, but it’s much more fluid than it used to be.

  2. Really nice site, man:D I’ll have to go through all of it soon too. Im still not done with RTK, after 4,5 months i got to 1300 frame with extreme slacking, but in the last 3 days i added 100 kanji each day and my motivation reached the highest point ever. But for now, have some Zubrowka, Na zdrowie!;d

    • After 4 months I still haven’t hit frame 1000, so there’s always someone who’s slacking off worse than you are :).

      I miss zubrowka :(. Polish people are so hard to find these days.

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