Getting the most out of anime?

So lately I’ve been watching some soft-subbed DBZ. And episode 43 had a bit of a 300frame delay. Before jumping to fix the subs, I decided to see what happens. Basically the sub would appear roughly 10-12 seconds after the audio…

And whhaddya know, my attention span followed my cry. Actually got myself to listen(and understand) to what they were saying, with the subs as confirmation/correction, instead of just automatically reading the subs. Guess that’s one way to do it.



So I’m still alive and learning.

Current daily schedule goes like this:

About 15-30 mins on Iknow…I’ve been doing the sets really fast these days and restricted the new items to 5-15 per day. Still in the middle of core 5k.Going a bit slow because of…

Anki. 1000-1500 sets per day, going like crazy. Mainly sentences and reviews, with a bit of 四字熟語、人名用漢字, sub2srs and others on top.

RTK is really low on the priority list as I think it’s not working out for me that well. I think that if I’ve done it before learning a lot of kanjis chaotically it might’ve done more, but ah well. Still haven’t reached the 1000 mark, and reviews aren’t going too well.

Currently reading キノの旅. Going slow. I’m very slow at reading, I should fix this.

Restarted watching anime. I still find it hard to focus on listening/comprehension rather than just auto-reading the subtitles, but I’m getting there.

Kanjiboxing is fun. Currently doing the N2 level sets. Apparently I’m pretty good at the reading section.

SO quit after about a week or two and screams out in horror whenever he sees hiragana. I had a sad :(.

That’s about it!

What long-running animes are for

A bit of a bragging moment, if you don’t mind :).

About 1100 days ago I was starting to learn Japanese (didn’t actually start till a year after that but let’s not get into that one…). Back in the day I was still in highschool and very much into anime. I started marathoning One Piece.

One Piece is this series which started airing about 10+ years ago and is currently at episode 500 or so. It’s a show filled with puns and onomatopoeia and kanjis everywhere, despite many names and places being fictional and in katakana. Aaanyway. So I started marathoning it before my first ever japanese lesson, right? After getting to episode 400 or so I dropped it. So, when I was still impressed by the fact that I can write my name in katakana and read 日本ご(since I hadn’t even studied 語 yet)

Recently I remembered it and decided to marathon from where I left it off. It is amazing to go back to a show and suddenly get everything, from the “kids, watch this at a reasonable distance from the telly” announcement to random gags found on shirts, to titles and what not. Actually getting the dialogue. Understanding the puns and names of the fruits (ゴムゴムのみ、アワアワのみ、闇闇のみ、etc). Amazing I say. ❤

P.S. Brag moment no. 2, finally got the boyfriend to let me teach him some Japanese. Let’s see how that works out.

P.P.S. Brag moment no. 3, finally picked up the RTK book again, after a month-long break.