Fun fact.

Apparently there have been 2091 who have studied/are studying Core 1000 step 1 in Iknow (half have completed it, half are doing it right now or have abandoned ship without finishing it).


However, only 41 people made it to core 6000 step 10, out of which only 25 have finished.


And this is why there will be no core 10k, apparently. A shame.

I wonder how many active users there are on Iknow, though. Clearly out of those 1000+ a good part only started/did parts of it during a test subscription. I wonder how many are still going at it. It seems less than 600 make it to core 2000, about 300 get to core 3000, 170 to core 4000, and only 99 start core 5000. And that’s counting users who undoubtedly skipped the first dozen steps entirely, having only started at an intermediate level.

I can see why Iknow wouldn’t want to release official statistics on the numbers, but still. Curious. And a bit sad.


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