Taking a break from study to focus on school and finding over 5000 undone reviews? Not encouraging.


Finishing said reviews with a pretty high retention rate and seeing that “You have 0 reviews left today”? Priceless.



RTK progress report, 1/4 done.

I know I said I’d do a report when I was half-way, but now that I’m right before a huge change in the book I figure it is a good spot. (though tbh since I use RevTK stories rather than Heisig’s the change will not be so important).

I’m trying to do a lesson per 2-3 days. Small lessons I can pull in consecutive days, but it takes a while for them to sink in properly and after noticing that my retention rate was low with consecutive lessons I decided against daily study. I also focus at one-lesson-at-a-time rather than given-number-of-kanji-at-a-time since the primitives really make a difference.

I’ve switched my keyword makring a bit, as in I’m all reading+common word having the kanji for all kanjis now. Most of my failed cards are not because of not remembering the kanji, but rather because I am unfamiliar with the word I’m being tested on. So despite knowing how to write, remembering the story&knowing the English keyword for 寛, for example, I have failed it 24 times. I have about 20 words(out of 540 so far) for which this happens, and it is a bit frustrating, but I’ve learned that it is not such a big deal. I use J-home-made keywords only on RevTK.

I recently restarted with the JRTK anki deck, english keyword+japanese keyword version. My retention rate is through the roof, but I feel as if I am cheating because of the english keyword =).

I find it kind of pleasing how core 5k is full of the kanjis in this section. Just this week I had 灯油、脂、冒、脱 and many others show up in me new words pile on Iknow, which is mighty convenient. Mighty convenient indeed =).

So yeah. Slow and steady. I’m liking this.

P.S. My Kanji classes in school now feel ridiculous thanks to RTK. What I once thought were extremely hard kanjis to master, like 議, feel very intuitive, and it is much easier to diferentiate similar-looking kanjis. I actually cheated a bit and looked up the kanjis I was tested on this exam session on RevTK, despite not being there yet with Heisig’s book… I scored almost 100% on all my tests.

Fun fact.

Apparently there have been 2091 who have studied/are studying Core 1000 step 1 in Iknow (half have completed it, half are doing it right now or have abandoned ship without finishing it).


However, only 41 people made it to core 6000 step 10, out of which only 25 have finished.


And this is why there will be no core 10k, apparently. A shame.

I wonder how many active users there are on Iknow, though. Clearly out of those 1000+ a good part only started/did parts of it during a test subscription. I wonder how many are still going at it. It seems less than 600 make it to core 2000, about 300 get to core 3000, 170 to core 4000, and only 99 start core 5000. And that’s counting users who undoubtedly skipped the first dozen steps entirely, having only started at an intermediate level.

I can see why Iknow wouldn’t want to release official statistics on the numbers, but still. Curious. And a bit sad.


Whaddya know, once you stop whining and actually get to a rigorous study schedule improvement comes surprisingly quick.

5 months of intense studying and I am far ahead of what I could’ve possibly imagined a year ago. N2 is not looking so distant these days. =).