I’d forgotten about Kanjibox.

Last I saw it it was a facebook app filled with bugs. It’s grown since then into a pretty neat program. I donated and am waiting to try out the Elite user benefits. Even without the elite status, it’s pretty cool.


  • Bilinguals, non-English speakers, etc. will love the fact that it is available in various languages. Most translations aren’t complete, but it’s user contribution based so you can help with that. I switched to Spanish meanings drill to practice my Spanish while I’m at it.
  • It’s terse. You don’t get it right, you get a quick reminder+you get to see what the wrong kanji was. You can set how long you want the wrong answer to stay(I evernote webclip my common mistakes)
  • Sets make it very easy to only practice what you need. Sets are shared, though there are not many of them.
  • Has a pretty extensive kana tester for newbies.
  • Measures your level fairly ok.
  • As most game-based drills, it’s easy to get into and to maintain long sessions.
  • It puts you in direct competition with other users(though you need to be an elite user to see this competition properly)
  • Has vocab, reading and meaning drills, measured separately.
  • Highly customizable.
  • User friendly.
  • The drill mode is very good at finding and focusing on your level.
  • Has an app.


  • Suits lower levels best. (since it’s based on user contributions, this is to be expected. There are far more N2 and below level users who are willing to hand out than N1 users. Expect mistakes to be more common in N1 drills. There are very few, if any translations for N1 drills).
  • Like all programs which involve choosing 1 out of 5, it is easy to guess. It does match options much better than other programs such as Kanjigold, but still. It’s good for drilling, but don’t let it be your only program.
  •  Very few details are given to you regrding particular mistakes. For example, you’re told that you only master 100 kanji at N3 level, but not which. Slight con, and it can work out for the better since you keep working on general level instead of particular kanjis. De gustibus on this one.
  • There is an elite user function, and it’s (usually paid). Not big of a con though, since you still get a good program for free, and the elite user status is based on whatever donation you make. I’m just puttin this here. oh, and iPhone users who use the app are elite users by default.

So yeah, it’s a pretty cool program. I like it.


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