Helpful tip: Putting every minute to good use

(Ha, the title is so corny.)

So, bit of background. I’m a smoker. I developed the healthy habit of only smoking in the kitchen.

I noticed that most of the time I would just sit there in the kitchen and stare blankly at the walls. Eventually I decided to put up a Kanji poster there, and spent that time looking over the Grade 1/2/3 Kanjis, naming each one’s meaning/reading. I also keep a helpful paper Kanji dictionary nearby, which I use whenever I forget the reading/meaning of a certain Kanji. I also review when I’m cooking/waiting for something to boil/etc, when I can’t be away from the stove too long. It also works for the bathroom, by the way. (though if you have a smartphone that is probably better).

This ended up helping me considerably in the long run.
Sure, it won’t do miracles, but it’s one of those little things that add up :).



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