I don’t get SRS fanatics.

OK, I know SRS is like THA BEST thing in the Japanese learning community right now, but am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit over-hyped?

I mean, ok. I see where it’s coming from; it makes sense and it’s the kind of thing that anyone can understand in one minute, think it’s amazing and become an expert on it in less than an hour. But seriously, it’s just one of many learning methods out there. It’s not necessarily the best, and just because there are many people who find Anki’s review timeschedule awesome doesn’t mean it should be the only one out there.

It pains me to see SRS mentioned on absolutely.every.single.learning.community.on.the.internet. PAINS. I get it, it’s good. I use it myself. But complaining that textbooks are bad because they’re nor SRS? That any program is bad because it doesn’t fit your definition of SRS? Ugh. It needs to stop.


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